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Gothenburg Centre of Globalization and Development

The Centre conducts and promotes research on how globalization processes affect development in the South, and seeks to identify appropriate domestic and international policy responses.
The interrelated processes that are analyzed are the economic process of international economic integration, the political process of global governance, and the social and cultural processes of increased global interaction. How these processes affect development in countries in the South depends on its resources, institutions, and policies as well as the ability to deal with conflicts and environmental challenges. Globalization processes are political, economic, social, cultural, and climatic and to comprehend these processes a broad, multidisciplinary approach is needed.
The Centre seeks to integrate and develop the research on globalization at the University of Gothenburg. The Centre employs post-doc researchers, arranges seminars and conferences, and supports research projects on globalization and development. The University of Gothenburg is supporting the Centre with a base grant of SEK 7.5 million per year. The ultimate goal is to produce top-quality research within the field of globalization and development.

The department is represened by Håkan Thörn

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