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Thursday 15 December

”Resistance studies as an academic pursuit”
Mikael Baaz, University of Gothenburg,Mona Lilja, Karlstad University,and Stellan Vinthagen, University of Gothenburg.
Contact: hakan.thorn@gu.se (CSM) and stellan.vinthagen@gu.se (RESIST)


Wednesday 30 November

Book seminar:
”The May Day Ritual in Western Europe: Past, Present and Future” (edited by Abby Peterson and Herbert Reiter)
Discussant: Göran Therborn, Cambridge University.
The seminar is followed by a reception in the lunch room.

Wednesday 2 November

(with Allmänna seminariet)
“The Missing Revolution? International Relations and Domestic Politics in Bahrain”
Daniel Ritter, Stockholm University.

Thursday 13 October

”Resistance in the post-political city: Movements for democracy in Berlin and New York City”
David Scheller, University of Giessen.

Thursday 29 September

(with Crimonology research group)

“State, police power and social unrest: thoughts on dialogue policing”
Kivanc Atak, Stockholm University.

Wednesday 14 September

(with Allmänna seminariet and Sociology of Emotions)

Please note room: Lilla Skansen (B340)
“Injustice and consensus, social inequality and the lack of protest”
Sylvia Terpe, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle.
The seminar will be followed by a reception.

Thursday 16 June

Book launch:
“Urban Uprisings: Challenging Neoliberal Urbanism in Europe”
Presented by the editors Margit Mayer, Freie Universität, Berlin, Catharina Thörn and Håkan Thörn, University of Gothenburg
Discussant: Paul Gilroy, Kings College, UK
The seminar will be held in conference room Pilen (K 308) and is followed by a reception in the lunch room.


Thursday 14 April

“Austerity without End:
Assembling the Structures for a Social Dystopia in the U.S”
Rick Fantasia, Smith College, US


Thursday 28 April

“The Two-Dimensional Structure of Political Opportunities”
Joost de Moor, Antwerpen University


Tuesday 3 May

“The Radical Flank Dilemma: Contradictory Effects of the Militant Underground’s Participation in the International SHAC campaign”
Rune Ellefsen, Oslo University


Thursday 7 April

“The Co-evolution of Social Movements: From Niches to Collective Uprising.
The Case of APPO in Oaxaca, Mexico”
Anton Törnberg, University of Gothenburg


Thursday 17 March

How Indian Civil Society Organizations Began Mobilizing around Climate Change”
Pradip Swarnakar, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, India
and Tuomas Ylä-Anttila, University of Helsinki


Thursday 3 March

”Social Movements as a Radical Political Space: The Case of Polish Tenants’ Movement”
Katarzyna Jezierska, University of Gothenburg and Dominika Polanska, Uppsala University


Thursday 25 February

“The Student’s Two Bodies:
Anatomy of ”Political Becoming” in the Montenegrin Student Protests of 2010–2011”
Bojan Baca, York University, Canada, and University of Gothenburg


Thursday 11 February

“A Theory of Nonviolent Action - How Civil Resistance Works”
Stellan Vinthagen, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US


Thursday 21 January

“Protest trends in Sweden since the early 1980s”
Katrin Uba, Uppsala University

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