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Björnberg, Ulla
Research concerns issues relating to the family, family policy/welfare, work and family, gender, intergenerational relationships, refugees and migration.

Carlson, Marie
Research interests include cultural studies and sociology of education, with a special focus on migration, language, ethnicity, gender, identity, class and power relations.

Elgenius, Gabriella
Research interests include diaspora, ethnicity and nationalism, identity-politics and civil society building with reference to migrant organizations and migrant civic spaces, the strategic use of symbols in identity movements and the repatriation of cultural heritage.

Frank, Denis
Research interests focus on political dimensions of international migration, on how states seek to govern migration and how the destination countries respond to migration dynamics politically.

Hyltegren, My
Research interests include social constructions of children and what implications such constructions have within law, for example age assessments in the asylum process.

Kubisa Julia
Research interests include sociology of work, changing employment patterns and industrial relations in comparative perspective, with a special focus on gender relations.

Peterson, Abby
Research interests include social movement research, cultural sociology, policing and the governance of ethnicity.

Philipsson, Sarah
Research interests focus on migration, asylum, im/mobility, temporality and practices of Control

Rosquist, Johan
Research is focused on the interaction between migrant cultures and the institutional practices in Sweden, the effects of the EU law on national migrations legislation and police investigations of honour related crime in Sweden.

Shmulyar Green, Oksana
Research interests concerns the issues of on issues of global migration and mobility in the EU context, gender and care relations on distance, with a special focus on child well-being and the issues of migrants’ rights.

Thörn, Håkan
Research concerns the issues of globalization and social movements, anti-apartheid and the emergency of a global civil society.

Ylva Wallinder
Research interest concerns conditions for labour mobility and migration, and its relation to labour market, citizenship and political institutions. A particular focus is on professional and privileged migration from Sweden to Western European countries.

Wettergren, Åsa
Research interests include sociology of emotions, social movements, migration, processes of identification and change in organisations and society.

Wilén, Carl
Research interests include historical aspects of violence and modern political-legal forms (freedom, equality, property, citizenship, sovereignty, etc.).

Wojnicka Katarzyna
Focus on critical studies on men and masculinities, social movements fathers' rights movements comparative European politics, gender.

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