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A Social Science perspective on the Transgender Brain

Since the mid-90s, neuroscience has produced a number of prominent studies concerned with the brains of transgender persons. This doctoral dissertation project, conducted with a multi-sited ethnographic approach, asks questions about the social implications of neuroscientific trans brain research, and how subjective experiences, social activities and discourses on sex/gender impact on neuroscientific knowledge production, and vice versa. The purpose is to make empirical and theoretical contributions to the body of knowledge taking interest in broader social implications of neuroscience, and to advance an understanding of how not only science and technologies but also bodies, discourses, healthcare needs and various social problems contribute to produce, shape, challenge and give meaning to conceptions of the `trans brain´ in particular, but also the `sexed brain´ in general.

PhD Candidate: Linda Weichselbraun
Supervisors: Mark Elam och Isa Dussauge
Duration: The project will be completed in spring 2020
Financier: Faculty of social science, University of Gothenburg


Sidansvarig: Anders Östebo|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-05-17

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