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Empowerment and Stigmatization: Patient Organizations, Gynaecological Cancer and Changing Identities

Gynecological cancer (GC) is easily seen as a shameful low-status cancer and is often associated with stigmatizing ideas about sexual lifestyle. This stands in contrast to a prevailing cancer survivorship discourse of the empowered, optimistic and heroic cancer survivor. Patient organizations (POs) work to change how GC is perceived by improving support for involved patients and their relatives, and by influencing research and policy.

This Science and Technology Studies (STS) project studies GC POs in Sweden and in the UK. Its aim is to gain knowledge about how GC POs challenge and/or reproduce ideas concerning what it means to be a GC patient and how they enact, negotiate and represent their cause (what they are fighting for). This focus enables insights on POs’ individual and organizational identity formation processes, including possible cross-national differences and gender and sexual politics involved. To gain knowledge about how POs work, POs’ activities are observed, key figures are interviewed and information material is analyzed.

Project leader: Lisa Lindén
Project members: Lisa Lindén
Duration: 2018-2012
Financier: Vetenskapsrådet/Swedish Research Council, 3150000 kr.

Sidansvarig: Anders Östebo|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-05-17

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