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The department of Sociology and Work Science's visiting scholar program 2011-2012

Our visiting scholars have stayed at the department between one week and a month. All have (or will) actively participated in seminars and informal discussions with staff and doctoral students. We offered our visiting scholars travel expenses, housing, office space and data support. Our programme was designed to connect our visiting scholars to the various research groups active at the department, thereby assuring their potential impact on our ongoing research as well as opening up opportunities for future collaboration. The members of the working groups held responsibility for our guests stay at the department, organising seminars and informal discussions.

Professor Dave Gordon was invited by Professor Björn Halleröd as a collaborator in his research programme on global poverty. Professor Gordon has established a unique global database relevant for Halleröd’s and his partners’ research. The working group for labour market research was the host for Anre Kalleberg and will host Dr. Tony Royle in January 2012. Dr. Royle will be exploring the possibility of a research collaboration with members of the department’s working group. The group will further host Professor Peter Ackers in May, Professor Paul Stewart in September, Professor Nikolai Genov in September, Dr. Nicola Jacobshagen in October. The latter four are all connected to the division of Work Science and research collaborations will be sought.

Dr. Terese O’Toole, Dr. Anne Cronin, Professor Martina Löw, Professor Helena Flam, Dr. Yasmin Gunaratnay, Dr. Donna King and Dr. Charlotte Bloch are attached to the feminist working group at the department. This has been a strategic investment to provide support for the junior members of staff and doctoral students conducting feminist research. Professor Flam and Dr. Bloch are also connected to the working group on the sociology of emotions. Professor Flam will teach a part of the doctoral course on social psychology that will be held in March in cooperation with the Department of Social Work. Dr. Yasmin Gunaratnay will be the external opponent for doctoral student Öncel Naldemirci’s mid-course paper.

Dr. Bethan Loftus, Dr. Terese O’Toole and Professor Diane Vaughan were attached to the working group on criminology. Professor Abby Peterson is collaborating with Dr. Terese O’Toole on an anthology dealing with home security and Muslim communities. Dr. Bethan Loftus will return to the department in September 2012 to write a joint research proposal with Professor Peterson and Dr. Sara Uhnoo on racism in the police forces of the United Kingdom and Sweden. While Professor Diane Vaughan was invited by the criminology group her seminars on comparative case study methodology were widely attended.

Gothenburg CSM (Forum for Civil Society and Social Movement Research) were/are the host for Dr. Lorenzo Bosi, Professor Rick Fantasia, Professor Geoffrey Pleyers, Dr. Giuseppe Caruso and Dr. Thomas Olesen. Professors Fantasia and Players, together with Dr. Thomas Olesen, will hold a two day workshop at the department in May. Dr. Lorenzo Bosi is collaborating with Professor Peterson, Dr. Mattias Wahlström and Dr. Magnus Wennerhag in their ongoing research project CCC (Caught in the act of protest) (supported by the European Science Foundation). They will continue their collaboration this spring co-editing a volume on May 1st demonstrations in eight European countries.

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